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Haha, sweet.

Sounds like your PC couldn't handle the RAM processing, haha.
Gotta repost it back up without the spikes, sounding like an old record playing.

Other than that, true quality! Although the rythm you're posting is alright. It just gets an bit repitive overtime. Spice that up in the full version. On the other side, I really liked your intro and outro in this track. Mixing is flawless to my oppinion, also the side-chained part. Nice job!

5/5 9/10

DJ-Frosted responds:

theres no lag spikes man XD thats your compy and yeah i need to add some fills! lol yeah that kick to bass is sick right? XD

Really nice!

It has this oldskool hardcore/gabberish feeling.
Class taste mate, I like it.

5/5 10/10


Seriously, totally beast!
Other than overcompression was heard, this is perfect.
Pure class project, you can be proud!

I've only heared a few dubstep tracks lately since I am not really that much into them. But This was class taste for my feeling. I enjoyed it man, thanks!

5/5 10/10

Simple yet unique of it's kind

It feels so original and fresh. The strong pumping beat, works this track arround real well. It's so tight.

Starts real well, and ambient with the saw touches in the background. Motivates the track, and me to go on and listen. Well done there.

Simple snare march to the lead intro, effective? Yes.
Though I hoped it would be an bit more energetic in that phase of the track already. Lead sounds too smooth and needs sustain from an powerfull crispy lead. So far I can hear, it's pretty distinctly set up with sytrus. No problem there, but it might sound unoriginal to others.

Still effective and powerfull. Still feels it needs more spark. Bass and beat do the trick for me all the time. Can't really tell what's missing here, arp or pad perhaps? More mystical feelings. Other than that it's just the basic touch that kept it going for my feeling. Still sounds nice and effective though.

Other than that. I'm proud of your mixing abilities! I wish I could get my sounds that clear everytime. Also I could say I might be an bit jelous of your bass. It's really nice and fat. I know it's your own 3xosc creation, makes it just perfect. Envy that fatylicious bass.

Structurewise this track is also perfect.
Can't say much anymore the track itself is flawless.

Also I'll be sure to help you out on the score to heal the wounds.

5/5 9/10


DJ-Frosted responds:

thanks man XD and its 303 in the background! XDD also 3xosc bass is sooo easy man just play around thats what i do :D also the main lead consists of 1 part 3xosc ( my own preset) and 2 parts sytrus (one preset is tottally mine and the other is just a modified gold saw)

As for a 4th attempt...

I think this has done it's worth. I'll get deeper into this, it made me too.

The pad and string work was absolutely phenominal. I'm still trying to get that full sound out of my pads. Although it still could've used some Chorus, and EQ.

As for the claps, they were quite basic to my ears. And perhaps too hardly placed? Try softening it with EQ or a soft limiter. A well placed snare roll wouldn't be bad either. In this case I mean, a little march.

Reckoning hardstyle intro's should be longer, and mostly with cut off kick/bass at first. And building it to another kick and bass which are more agressive.

Try introducing the kick and bass a little more. It just flew in. I'd love to hear a fading kick coming in, and when you think it'd pop, there'd be a 1/2 sec break. And kapow! The kick and bass fully pump up the scene. As for the lead in this case, you could distort it a litle, fade afterwards and re-play the melody over like 4 notes.

Once more letting the kick and bass just flop out ain't cool. Automations will do the trick. You did on the leads there a little. overall ending was nice though.

So far it's considered as a work in progress. But I just wanted to mention these tips which are essential for this genre. And for the completed track.

As a sum up; Equalize it rather more. Get in some cases volume diffrences and make it as much stereo as posible. Try transitioning an fair bit more.

That's all for now. If you have troubles or questions in mixing? Try and Pm me about it. I believe I can help you.

5/5 9/10 - I know the genre is tough.

My review shouldn't be considered as offensive. It wasn't my intention too, but rather for constructive critism.

Take care,


tigger888 responds:

Whoa man! HUGE thanks, i will implement all those, i usually have leadins and transitions, but this was a test to see what adding strings could sound like, and if i can get a decent kick sound. I really appreciate this in-depth review, i will try to make a epic breakdown into something like this, i will try restructuring the main melody, and then having a lead-in melody and then break it down into a thumping main crashdown. Thanks for your time! These kinds of reviews are always appreciated and greatly helpful. I hope i can make this track better!




I'm trying the same at the moment. Replicating the original one, and give it my own twist. Altough, I can't find the acapella either! Be sure to contact me if you have! I'll do the same!

The one con for me was the Side-chained effect with the slow kicks and the fast cymbals. It'd be best to match them at same speed. The side-chaining would be an great deal later in the track for an breakdown though. Just not as main, is what I'm saying.

If this was produced in FL studio, we might could collab?
I still got to get my nexus up right though.


5/5 9/10

Shoephly responds:

I dunno, I like the sidechaining as the "main" though now that i've listened to it for quite some time, i think i need to remaster the sidechaining, just to make it a 'little' less up and down.

But; this is just a sample that I worked on, I'm gonna compose an original intro and have it ease into "this" ^^.

Sure I'd be open for a collab, never worked with anyone before, might be fun ^^.

And after searching the webs for the longest time turns out there's only 1 remix with the vocals (i think) so looks like there is no acapella for the grabs, unless someone actually asks darren himself for it. xD

PM me and we'll have a conversation running bout the collab ^^


Nifty so farr...

Basic and simple. If you're going to make this track to it's full potential, I sure want to see this diffrent. Try an little sub melody and loop it for example...

As far in transitioning, it's also quite simple... but since it's an demo once again it's good enough. I'd like to see some riffs in leads, and boosted by another saw lead.

Nice, relaxing and calm. I like your style your playing with. It's abstract and well mixed. But yeah, I can handle calmness but I want some power in it too. Some rough and tough leads in between to compensate. That way it probably wouldn't be repitive as well.

Liked the pauses in beats. The swell, and down build were as well basic and simple. Please get in more active in the finished product. That way it would be refreshing to hear. Don't get my review to hard, it's just how I would like to see this coming out. It has some good potential afterwards, don't drown it.

5/5 9/10

Honest proof of quality

We together could finish your play-off?
I hear some serious potential!

It's been long since I've heared from you!
Let's combine forces this time?


PeckaPrime responds:

Hey man,
yeah it's been long, i still check out your tracks from time to time,
but i guess not so much lately, i dunno man im not doing much music or following the audio portal lately and i don't really feel like making music.

Sorry man, a lot of booze and partying, don't seem to care about much else lately.
wasting away, i guess it's the summer and shit, i dunno.

Anyway it was good to hear from you, thanks for stopping by and reviewing.
You have fun now.
I'll see you around sooner or later.


Made me think of the girl I'm in love with.
It touched me... Good effort, you're a great singer/(composer?)!

Got me struggling to make my move to her. Normally I ain't that nervous, but my heart pounds harder when I see her... I'll try. Thanks for the emotional support on this. It might never been your intention, but it helped me.

Superb remix bro, you got potential!
Just wanted to note this down, since you have the skills.

5/5 10/10
I'll add you as Fav artist too.


vwvSTATICvwv responds:

Thanks a lot man, I'm sure Russ is plenty proud of his voice lol
What sucks is when people say nice remix or nice song and I have no idea if they are talking to me or Russ. (I compose, Russ sings) Oh well either way I guess we make a good team :)


Quite simple

I'll keep it in small talk.

Track is way too basic and simple minded.
This first because of the shitload of loops you've used. (Yes I know them all).

Too much reeverb on the kicks. Though the bass is really nice, could've used an bit more of EQ work. (Reeverb on the intro kicks I mean here). There might be the same amount of reeverb on the kicks in the main part. But there it's hardly noticeable because it gets more fuller. Drop the reeverb down in the intro.

I'm glad you didn't fucked arround that much on effect. You kept them nice and tight. Though scratches trough the whole track? Bit exegerated there.

Tiny things like that ride on the kick worked real well! Finally someone who knows the understanding of them in this genre. Though open hats shouldn't be used that often like you did here. You kept them to a minimal though I am happy about that.

Vocals/voxx used too many times rofl. Ain't working well in hardstyle. Use either a real long one for like 20 sec in a track and drop it after that. Or use an small one most likely with the same thing saying. To keep it more addicting, and I don't mean here the vox; 'bass' or 'freeze/kick/beat' w/e. Use one like 'Mental syndrome' for example, and name your track also after that. Use those in breaks, and builds. None in main w/e.

Got bored real easylie by the scratches and vox. Though I only liked the one at 3:15.

Ending haha, builded of quite sloppy with those things mashed. But I guess it's generic in this kinda genre.

I'm sorry if I've been too harsh on you or anykind I offended you. I was not intended to do that. I am only quite drowned out for today.

Oh yeah one more thing, keep up the mixing!
It sounded clear for me at the moment. Good job!

5/5 7/10 <- Getting the standard 5 for trying this genre I know it's hard.

DJXeMeX responds:

ight thx bro....it is a hard genre lol..this is my first hardstyle tho :)...and i appreciate it to lol...and i got bored at the end as u can hear lol

Interested in creating Hardstyle lately, with some dance tracks. Also I am in for some more classical stuff like orchestra. Be sure to check some out! ;)

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