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Some improvements could've been used...

Well first of all, the animating went well but, the drawing could've been much better.
I mean everyone can draw these kind of people, even with paint. But yeah, nonetheless I laughed about this flash. Only 1 more typical pointer here.. the voice acting if you're ever going to make another flash with a female voice then, DON'T do it with that hellium voiced effect. It makes the quality of the voice only worse, and it's in some cases hardly understandable. Those where the flaws I've noticed, overall it was a good and enoyable flash.
But I only got 1 thing left to say, and that is...

O o
/¯/________________________ _____________
\_\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

*lol xD*
5/5 9/10


Just as epic as the rest!

First of all, sorry for the late review! :\
I've been sick for an week now, finally I am getting better.

The movie itself was just amazingly done, just like all others. The story line of this movie is well thought, and greatly produced in the end product! The music was tremendously well used, it all was really epic to see the king standing for the battle between good and evil. And Finally you've hired voice actors this time! Big props for that, it is way better than without them. The voice actor(s) did well, only at some points I think he did it too 'drastic' because, in some ways the sound was an bit too rushed, otherwise that it was good. I also loved the vocal sound of that demon, and the black ghost, wich I've also seen in LOT II, it sure did sound like some kind of demon spawn from hell!
Oh.. man, you've suprised me with this awesome flash. You've also satisfied me more than enough with it.

Your animation style has improved very rapidly, you could be proud of yourself!
Also I loved the camera styles, and the special effects. This was me when it happened -> :O

- Where's the elf? The one on LOT II? He could've helped tarantos right?

That's the only bad point about it though.
And please let Tarantos live!! He can't be dead! :O

Oh no! What's that! It's an fat ass 5/5 & 10/10!!!
You've deserved it! ;)

- Unrealdark (DJ-PHX)

mariomaster123 responds:

Lol, thatnks man! You and your music rocks!
I completely reconfigured the plot of Tarantos since the last 1. The first still holds true, but the last one must be changed.

Acetium is gone :C
He was a pointless and useless. So, I let him go.

As it is, I am redoing the second one and possibly doing a 1.5 one

One again thanks for your totally rad music man! Start going on Newgrounds more!!!! >:C

Wow, that was really neat!

Great animation style, and drawing abilities! You get my props for that!
However this is the first episode I've seen from you, I am already impressed. It's not some badly drawn movie like most will come out of the filter. I really would like to see the other episodes, so I will shorten up my review. ;P
So here; I added you as a fav'd artists, gave you a 5/5 and a 10/10 as you will see when I am finished. :P And for now I would like to wish you good luck on other movies/episodes you're making atm! ;)
Man I can't explain how much I loved this episode...
greets, DJ-phoenix. (unrealdark.)

Oh man awesome!

This move was so high graphical, and soOo0 funny! :D Really at the part when they are falling down; * Oh wait, *takes a heap of helium* ~Screams of Death~ *WHAAA, helium voiced* Lol man that was so funny. :'D Only please turn up the voice volume, because I really needed to turn up my headset before I could listnen to it.
But you did a really nice job man. :)
5/5 10/10

iKonicStudios responds:

Thanks! =D


You could have better sticked on the good animation in the beginning, the rest was really bad, and not funny at all... also the voice of those green stickman I couldn't hear it bcuz of the rush in it and the radio voice. I thought this was going to be a good flash but it just turned out really bad.


I loved dinosaurs already when I was 5 years old, I am a great fan of Jurassic park, and other dinosaur movies, they are just awesome! Great that you used them in a flash movie with great music at the background! :D
You can only get an 10/10 and a 5/5 from me. :)

GreyFlag responds:

Hahaha, thanks for that, I'm glad you liked it!

Interested in creating Hardstyle lately, with some dance tracks. Also I am in for some more classical stuff like orchestra. Be sure to check some out! ;)

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