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Entry #19

Back Once More!

2010-03-19 18:12:03 by unrealdark

Actually got some time now FINALLY! School's been a bitch.
Means; More new tracks coming your way!

Lately been experimenting a lot on progressive trance.
I personally got bored on the other genres, and started a new one. But don't be sad, I'll be sure to go back to the other genres; Hardstyle/Hardcore/Dance once more later.

For now enjoy my freshly styled new tunes!


*Thanks for the fans, who've been supporting me!
A BIG thanks for them!


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2010-05-24 23:42:08

No problem my man. Keep up the music and trust me when I say: I really thought you were dead...(from your PM)



2010-05-28 15:27:14

I haven't been here for a while :P
I always support you


2010-08-16 06:16:59



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