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Interested in creating Hardstyle lately, with some dance tracks. Also I am in for some more classical stuff like orchestra. Be sure to check some out! ;)

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Looking for collable people to finish my demo's!

Posted by unrealdark - April 22nd, 2009

Hey, if you read this now I 'd like to ask you if... yes YOU could help me out onto my demo's.
Search for one in my playlist, and tell me here which you like best to collaborate on.
But I am also available for new songs, and if you want to collaborate I am always into it.

Since now, I am freely to go so I got allot of spare free time.
But don't let it take that long because over 2 weeks I got my exams. ;)

Thanks in advance.

Take care, Ian.

Looking for collable people to finish my demo's!

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You copy cat, that's the same thing that happened on your page...
That's sad.

I'm currently busy researching a project that will need some ambient music, but probably won't be ready for animation before 2 weeks.

i'l chuck you on my favourites and give you a PM when iv got some preview stuff ready for you yeah?
Could you use your music to describe a character moving to say 3 beats a sec and then have it change to say 1 beat a second.

for example
imagine tom and jerry. tom running after jerry and hitting 3 beats a second, crashing into a wall, and then him sneaking around a corner looking for jerry on 1 beat a second.
And the accompaning instruments emphasize emotion? so angry happy curious sad.ect
Is that possible, would you be interested in doing somthing like that?

thanx matey

I'd love to try, but I don't know if I can manage to bring all those emotions into music or beats, as you prefer. We'll see what comes and what not. ;)

Id like to help you in ur future songs but i suck so u could teach me some stuff after all ''The Chloe Song'' was gonna be a collab between you and me 8D u should continue the Chloe Song id be happy:)

PS: i was thinking u know what would be awsome? u could teach me dutch on msn!!! HAHA



I can always teach you some tricks and stuff. ;)
Oh and yeah if you'd like you can help me as well. :P I'll finish that song probably later, perhaps we can still do it together when you get the nr 8 version. :D
And I could teach you dutch indeed, but that would take a loooongg time, because it's a hard language to understand! XD

PS: I know... :( Stop haunting on me like that. :'(